AeroPlast Premium Fabric Bandages - Standard Strip x 50

AeroPlast Adhesive Plasters

We’re pleased to introduce the AeroPlast Fabric Range.
Our entire AeroPlast range uses our highly durable Latex-Free Supa-Bond Adhesive.

AeroPlast Fabric range is a premium hard wearing wound protection.

AeroPlast Plastic range is an economical washproof sheer aesthetic dressing recommended for all general applications.

AeroPlast Transparent Dressings are highly aesthetic, blending with every skin tone, providing the wound with a waterproof barrier.

AeroPlast Detectable and AeroPlast Visual plasters are the ultimate plaster for user in food service environments, with ultimate adhesion, stretch and waterproof protection using. AeroPlast Detectable contain metal detectable strips.

For more information on Our AeroPlast and Wound Care range:

Pharmacy Catalogue July 2018

AeroPlast Fabric
AeroPlast Plastic
AeroPlast Detectable
AeroPlast Visual