CardiAct Series 100 AED Cabninet for Secure Defibrillators

The New CardiAct Range of Protected – Secured Public Access AED Cabinets

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of death in Australia. At the same time, only 10% of bystanders will be able to successfully resuscitate a patient. To help overcome these statistics are Automated External Defibrillators such as the HeartSine Samaritan.

  • CardiAct CPU

    Smart Monitoring

    Providing access to an AED is only half the battle. AED managers need to know of the readiness of their fleet. The CardiAct Connect range offers smart AED monitoring so at a glance, you can know if your Defibrillators are Rescue Ready!

  • The CardiAct AED Cabinet Camera

    Security Camera

    As an option, the photo control module, with an infra-red lens, can take photographs when the cabinet is opened and the is AED removed.

  • Cardiact AED Cabinet Communication Module

    Data Communication

    The CardiAct Connect range uses leading-edge IoT technology, 4G cellular (SIM) or WiFi to transmit monitoring data to your online portal via the internet

  • AED Cabinet Lock for the CardiAct Secure Range

    Keypad Lock

    Knowing that your AEDs are secure is about ensuring that they’re ready when they’re needed most!

  • The Heater and Cooler Fan for CardiAct AED Cabinet

    Cooling & Heating

    The CardiAct Secure & Connect ranges have the optional Cooling and Heating modules which ensure that your AED is ready in more situations, necessary for the extreme Australian climates.

  • Modular


    The different options in the CardiAct cabinet range can be customised to suit each client’s specific needs. Your choice of requirements combined inside an IP45 poly-carbonate cabinet is the best combination for a professional and complete AED solution.


The assistance from the CardiAct Connect devices make it possible to ensure the defibrillator is in good working order at all times.

The CardiAct connect range provides detailed insight into the AED & surrounding environment at a glance allowing protection of the asset and providing peace of mind that the AED is ready to be deployed.

These models are coupled to the CardiAct Cloud service, which allows for remote surveillance of all AED devices included under CardiAct monitoring.

Besides checking the AED status indicator, all information relative to the AED environment is also relayed (opening of cabinet, removal of the AED, abnormal temperatures, expired consumables, etc.).

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